Collaboration Teams

CHIT Steering, chaired by Susan Gibbons, consists of museum and library directors, IT leads from units and central IT, and selected collections/curatorial/metadata staff from each unit. It provides leadership and direction for collaborative Cultural Heritage IT (CHIT) initiatives.

CHIT Governance Diagram

LUX: Yale Collections Discovery is the primary CHIT project underway at this point and is managed by CCD, the Cross Collections Discovery Working Group.  LUX is supported by several subcommittees:  Metadata, UI/UX and the Search and Discovery Group.  These groups are composed of local experts within each of the units and central IT leads.

Steering also has several groups that reach beyond the scope of LUX:

  • CHITA is the technical wing of the collaboration.  It consists of IT leads and IT experts from across the units and central IT.  In addition to LUX work, this group coordinated the implementation of IIIF for museums and has kept in close contact with the Library as it developed its own IIIF-enabled digital collections platform.

  • The Bias Awareness and Responsibility Committee, in addition to drafting a values statement, is looking at a wide range of metadata and UI/UX issues and remediations that can be implemented in LUX.

  • The Rights Working Group is looking for alignments and a common strategy for presenting wildly diverse rights metadata for digital artifacts and physical collections in LUX.  

CHIT Community meetings are held in January, May, September for cross-committee reporting and project-wide communications.