Collaboration Members (by unit)

Office of the Vice-Provost for Collections and Scholarly Communications

Susan Gibbons, Vice-Provost
Rob Sanderson
Elizabeth Williams

Peabody Museum of Natural History (YPM)

David Skelly, director
Larry Gall
Erin Gredell
Andy Melien
Nelson Rios
Patrick Sweeney
Jessica Utrup
Rosemary Volpe

Yale Center for British Art

Courtney Martin, director
Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass
Melissa Fournier
Eric James
Francis Lapka
David Thompson
Edward Town

Yale University Art Gallery

Stephanie Wiles, director
John ffrench
Thomas Raich
Tim Speevack
Yer Vang-Cohen
Ben Diebold
Benjamin Hellings
Patricia Kane

Yale University Library

Barbara Rockenbach, director
Michael Appleby
Anna Arays
Alison Clemens
Joshua Cochran
Alicia Detelich
Sandra Enimil
Heather Gendron
Dale Hendrickson
Michelle Light
Youn Noh
Kalee Sprague
Patricia Thurston

ITS Frank Mathew, director
Jeff Campbell
Renato Cayuela
Xinjian Guo
Youjun Guo
Seong-June Kim
Kameryn Larkins
Heather White
Sarah Prown, Project Manager