Glossary of LUX Terms

Project Terms:

  • CHIT: Cultural Heritage Information Technology
    Yale’s CHIT Collaboration includes these cultural heritage partners:

    • Yale University Library (YUL)

    • Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG)

    • Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History (YPM)

    • Yale Center for British Art (YCBA)

    • Yale University Central Information Technology Services (ITS)

  • ASpace: ArchivesSpace
    ASpace is the technology that supports Archives at Yale ( and is managed by Yale University Library.  It includes archival material from across Yale, including the Peabody Museum of Natural History and the Yale Center for British Art.

  • BARC:  Bias Awareness and Responsibility Committee
    BARC is a CHIT Committee that reports to CHIT Steering.  Learn more:

  • CCD: Cross Collections Discovery
    Cross Collections Discovery describes the overarching goal of LUX to unite previously separate search portals for each of the museums and library collections into a single search and discovery platform.

  • CHITA: Cultural Heritage Information Technology and Architecture
    CHITA includes IT leads and experts from each of the cultural heritage units.  CHITA reports to the CHIT Steering committee.

  • CSC: Collections and Scholarly Communication (Provost’s Office)
    Susan Gibbons is Vice Provost for Collections and Scholarly Communications, and she leads the CHIT Pillar.

  • DEIA-B: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Belonging
    For Yale’s commitment to this work, please see:

  • TAC: Technical Architecture Committee
    This is an IT group that reviews technical designs for projects.

Technology Terms

  • API: Application Programming Interface
    A kind of software interface that connects computers and computer programs without a human intermediary.

  • AWS: Amazon Web Services
    A subsidiary of Amazon, AWS is an online, cloud computing platform where computer programs, data, databases, and other kinds of content can be accessed on the web.

  • Back-end database
    The database that contains the content that is shared by the LUX platform.

  • Graph Database
    A database that stores data items and information about relationships among these items.

  • IIIF: International Image Interoperability Framework
    IIIF is an open standard for delivering high quality digital objects online at scale.  It is currently in use in Yale’s museum and library collections.  Learn more:

  • LD: Linked Data, Linked Open Data
    Interlinked data that can be automatically interpreted by a computer to expose relationships and connections among data items.

  • MarkLogic
    A company that offers a database platform that is being used as LUX’s back-end database. This database will allow LUX to nimbly share tens of millions records and expose relationships among people, places, and things.

  • Metadata
    In the context of LUX, metadata refers to the data that describes the objects in Yale’s collections, and data about entities (people, places, concepts, events) connected (linked) to objects in Yale’s collections. 

  • UI: User Interface
    UI is used to describe the elements that users for LUX will interact with.
  • UX: User Experience
  • Wireframe
    Wireframes are sketches used in the development of the UI to understand UX challenges.