IIIF - Image Framework for LUX

Yale University has adopted the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) as the future standard for rendering and displaying digital images.  IIIF is a model for seamlessly gathering, presenting and annotating digital images from collections at Yale and around the globe.   IIIF allows scholars and users to bring together images from collections cordoned off in discrete catalogs and it will eventually provide a cornerstone of an integrated cross-collections search and discovery platform at Yale.    This image framework also solves the problem of delivering high-quality large-scale images over the web by nimbly requesting pieces of images as requested for deep-zooming by the IIIF viewer tools, instead of accessing/ downloading unwieldy large image files.   

As part of the journey, the University has implemented two IIIF services to create and serve IIIF manifests and images. The first service is managed by the Yale University Library for their Digital Collections. The second is a shared IIIF service that serves the three museums.  LUX will evenutally provide a single point to search all of Yale’s IIIF-enabled images.

The Yale University Libraries - Digital Collections service contains IIIF manifests and images and provides a user interface for exploring the collections.

Yale’s three museums use a shared Back-end service that creates the IIIF manifests and images. Each of the museums can then provide a link to the IIIF manifest and can render the image either through their own image viewer or through a centrally supported image viewer.  Examples can be found by searching through the collections here:

Additionally, the project sponsored a IIIF Community Event in 2019 to share information about the technology to currators, developers, educators, & researchers (Read the event summary).

For more information about IIIF, please reach out to any of the following CHIT collaboration partners involved with IIIF work both locally and internationally.