Learn More: LUX Technology

The LUX system is made up of a number of components which are hosted in AWS.

  • Harvester
    • Each partner generates at least one Activity Stream (AS) from their collection management system
    • The Harvester monitors each of the Activity Streams for updates and has a single thread for each AS
    • The Harvester is written in Go and is running on a Docker container on ECS/Fargate
    • The Harvester stores the data in a data caches which is a single database running on RDS Postgres
  • Data pipeline
    • The Data pipeline is running on Docker cotainers on ECS/Fargate
    • At each stage of the data processing, the data is saved to a data cache which is a database running on RDS Postgres
    • The Data pipeline is written in Python
  • Back-end database
    • The Back-end database is MarkLogic
    • It is running on a three node cluster in AWS
      • The nodes are EC2 r5.4xlarge instances with attached EBS for storage
      • The cluster utilizes the internal ALB
  • Front-end & Middle-tier
    • The Front-end is built using React and Javascript
    • The dynamic web content is managed in a decoupled/headless Content Management System (Drupal 9) for rendering into the user interface
    • The Middle-tier is built in Node.js
    • Both the Front-end and the Middle-tier are running in a Docker container on ECS/Fargate